Why hire a wedding cinematographer?

Gone are the days of the boring videographer who stands in the corner of the room, does minimal editing, and calls it a day. With Cinematography you’ll get a much more creative, cinematic / film style look which not only captures your day in high quality and multiple angles with a high production value, but one which is a joy to watch.  Having been recently married myself, I really can’t stress the importance of a great wedding video. Nothing brings you back to the day like a video can!

Why hire Beautifully Cinematic?

You won’t find any wedding cinematographers with more passion and pride in their work than us! We always love to go that extra mile! We often get comments of just how hard we work and this comes through in our final films.

We feel very privileged to be part of your wedding day and understand not just the importance of the day, but also the emotions and feeling of the day. We love to capture it and retell the story of your day as it beautifully unfolds. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than seeing our couple’s ecstatic reactions to seeing our films, that’s why we love to work weddings!

Along with a creative eye for filming and editing, we use the latest and highest end equipment (detailed below) to capture your day.

We also color grade / correct every single scene in your film to make sure it’s constant giving you that film look.  We even make use of professional film conversion grades to create the perfect look, mood and feeling for your film.

Do you provide custom HD blu-ray discs with menus, and covers?

custom wedding blu-ray

Custom Wedding blu-ray

Yes! We we say we go the extra mile, we mean it!  We’ll create you beautiful, professional custom printed blu-ray discs (& DVDs) with custom cases, and menus.

Your blu-ray and DVDs will contain your full wedding movie and highlights video.

We also make custom, personalized menus, with chapters, which allows you to easily jump to any part of your film as you wish.

How do you secure your wedding date?

We require a signed contract and a 40% deposit payment to hold your date, with the remainder to be paid two weeks before your wedding.

We accept payment via check, bank transfer, cash, Paypal, and even Bitcoin.

Can we meet with you before?

Yes! We would love to meet with you over a coffee or similar to discuss any questions or thoughts that you might have. Just let us know!

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have insurance coverage and can provide proof to your wedding venue if needed.

What equipment do we use?

We love to be on the forefront of cinematic technology. We use multiple cinematic Canon HD DSLR cameras with a range lenses and equipment to best capture your wedding. Along with the cameras, we bring a whole range of audio recording equipment (more info below).

We are also one of the few wedding cinematographers who are skilled in the use of a glidecam / steadicam. Rather than boring static shots or shaky hand-held footage, this allows us to get epic looking stable footage while we’re moving around – making it look like the camera is almost flying.  (Watch our video here, 2min 30 sec for a good example of our steadicam work.)  We also make use of sliders, tripods with fluid video heads for smooth panning. On camera mics, lights, wireless audio recorders and much more.

We also use the latest production suit software to produce your video.

Do you record in HD?

Yes! We record everything in HD, edit in HD, and deliver your final product in HD on custom blu-ray (with menus), along with a HD digital download. We also provide DVDs for your family members who might not be HD yet!

How we you capture audio?

We use of range of audio recording equipment to best capture your entire day. We provide a high-end Sony wireless lav / lapel mic to the groom which enables us to get the clearest audio quality of you both during your ceremony and toasts. We also have a digital audio recorder which enables us to record audio directly from your DJ’s audio source. This is great if you’re using speakers during your ceremony and the DJ’s microphone / speakers during the toasts. We also use directional microphones which is great for blending in the ambient audio. (For example, the first kiss, you want to hear your guests cheers and clap!)

Do you license your music?

We take care of all of the music licensing needed for your films. This cost is included in the price of your wedding video and not an extra charge on top like some others do. No hidden charges here!

I have more questions.

Still have more questions? No problem, just let us know!